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Jon and Eric have worked in the security space as developers, architects and leaders for more years than they care to count. From commentary on current events to random musings, they chat (mostly) about security and technology topics. However, life is more than just the day job. From beekeeping adventures to hiking mountains to favorite shows, there's always something fun to wrap up the show.

Opinions are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their employer, friends, neighbors, or even each other.


Mar 24, 2022

Jon's on vacation in New Mexico (?) and Eric does Many Mundane Things. Exotic Lily was an IAB for Conti, how to make phishing even harder to detect with browser-in-browser popups, Germany warns against Kaspersky use, and Okta is breached by Lapsus$. For fun we have 9 lines to represent all of physics, a da Vinci exhibit...

Mar 20, 2022

p>Eric finishes a big book, went to a concert and resurfaced his garage floor. Jon went to the Symphony and ordered some Bees. Risky Biz is joined by a favorite cybersecurity writer, Nvidia "hacks back" and more cryptocurrency is lost to software bugs. Jon chats about a Russian CA and some Node sabatoge. For fun, Jon...

Mar 11, 2022

Eric attempts a St. Helens visit and plays with IR filters, while Jon is going to a concert (!!). Google's TAG releases an update about Ukraine related activity, NVidia gets an "interesting" blackmail request from their breach, and NVidia code signing certs are seen signing malicious software on VT. For fun you may soon...

Mar 4, 2022

Eric goes to the Auto Show, Jon didn't build anything or break anything. Eric checks in with Printer Security and Jon chats about security topics related to Ukraine. Eric promotes a couple videos explaining Wordle Information Theory and then proceeds to ruin Jon's fun.